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Why do women make adoption plans for their children?

Because they love them.  Birth mothers want more for their child than they can provide for them at that moment in their lives.  They want to assure a bright future, and a loving, happy home for their children.  Adoption is a loving, courageous, unselfish choice.  A birth mother who chooses an adoption plan for her child is a "hero" in every sense of the word.

Can I choose the adoptive parents?

Yes.  You can choose your adoptive couple if you wish.  Attorney Rob Kirsh will provide information to you about a number of families having the attributes you desire.  You may speak with the family by telephone, and, if you choose, you can meet them in person, too.  The role you play in choosing the family that adopts is based completely on your personal comfort level.

In short, you can have as much or as little involvement in the selection of adoptive parents as you wish; however, please understand that you cannot make a mistake.  All adoptive families involved with Attorney Rob Kirsh are carefully screened and investigated.  Your baby will have a wonderful home with loving parents no matter which of these adoptive families you choose. 

How can a birth mother be assured that her baby is going to a good home?

Adoptive parents who work with Attorney Rob Kirsh undergo a careful screening process which includes counseling relating to their understanding of adoption, particularly the importance of telling the child of the adoption.  The screening also includes the investigation of them as stable and financially secure individuals, loving and affectionate marriage partners, and caring prospective parents, as well as criminal and child-abuse checks.  The screening is done by a licensed child-placing agency, which is independent of Rob Kirsh's law practice.

Is counseling available to me?

Yes.  Counseling will help you find the right answers for your particular needs and goals, and will help you with your emotions involved in considering adoption.  Attorney Rob Kirsh encourages birth mothers to take advantage of counseling, but does not require it.  Counseling is available at no cost to you.

I'm under 18 years old.  Do my parents have to be involved?

No.  Adoption is entirely your decision.  Your parents have no legal claim to the child.

Can I see the baby in the hospital after it is born?

Yes.  You determine how much contact you would like to have with your baby.  Some women want to spend a lot of time with the baby, while others choose to have very limited, or no, contact.

When is the mother's consent to adoption signed?

Generally, a consent to adoption is signed within a few days after delivery, but never before delivery.

What contact will I have with the family after the adoption?

If you wish, the adoptive parents will provide letters and photographs to you.  Attorney Rob Kirsh will work out update arrangements to suit your desires.

Does the baby go to a foster home?

No.  The baby goes directly from the hospital to the adoptive parents' home you have selected.

What about my medical bills?

If you do not have insurance or Medicaid, your medical bills will be covered by the adoptive parents, if you proceed with an adoption plan.

Can I receive financial help?

Yes.  Adoptive parents are able to help you with reasonable and actual expenses for housing, food, clothing, utilities, and transportation for a certain period prior to and after the birth of the child, upon approval of the court.

What is private or independent adoption?

Private or independent adoption simply means that an attorney makes the arrangements for an adoption rather than an adoption agency or welfare department.

Is private adoption legal?

Yes.  Private adoption is legal, moral, and ethical.  It is not at all related to "baby selling."

What areas does the Adoption Law Practice of Robert B. Kirsh serve?

If you are an expectant mother, or an adoptive parent, who lives in Tennessee, Mississippi, or Indiana, Attorney Rob Kirsh can help.  He is licensed to practice law in these states.