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Birth Mothers

Why Consider Adoption?

Few moments in life are more difficult and confusing than suddenly finding yourself unexpectedly pregnant.  Many women who find themselves in this position frequently do not know all the options available to them.


Typically, expectant mothers initially think of two options:  parenting the child or having an abortion.  Although every mother wishes to parent the child, her present circumstances may make doing so very difficult.  Most parents will admit that being a parent is much more difficult than they ever imagined, even for those who have high incomes, extensive educations, and a parent who can afford to stay at home with the child.  Raising children is very expensive, too.  The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that a child born in 2013 will cost $245,340 (adjusted to $304,480 for projected inflation) to raise just through age 17, before college, and not including any extraordinary expenses like private school or unforeseen medical expenses.  In short, raising children is an incredible responsibility that isn’t for everyone at every stage of life. 

For teenage birth parents, there are significant, life-changing risks that should be considered before deciding to parent a child, the foremost of which is the risk of cutting short the teenager's education, which may begin a downward spiral of negative effects throughout life.  See Facts About Teenage Parenting:  Why We Must Become More Proactive for important statistics to consider.

Abortion, although perhaps a seemingly appropriate decision given the circumstances at the time, often causes a birth mother to feel a tremendous amount of guilt and anguish in the long-term.  Many birth mothers, for religious reasons, moral reasons, or otherwise, do not even consider abortion to be an option.


Adoption, whether it’s handled through an attorney or by an agency, provides a wonderful solution to what are distressing problems for the people involved.  A birth mother can feel good about her decision to place the best interest of the child above her own; adoptive parents, unable to conceive children biologically, are able to offer both love and a secure, happy home to the child they adopt; and the child receives the benefit of loving parents and good home.  Adoption can be a “win-win-win” solution to a bad situation.  A birth mother who sets this process in motion by deciding to make an adoption plan for her child is a “hero” in every sense of the word.


Many birth mothers are surprised to learn some of the details about the adoption process, such as the home-study process adoptive parents must go through, and that adoptive parents, if she proceeds with an adoption, can pay for counseling to help her come to peace with her decision and reasonable and actual expenses for housing, food, clothing, utilities, and transportation for a certain period prior to and after the birth of the child.  Of course, adoptive families pay the birth mother’s medical expenses, to the extent she does not have insurance or Medicaid, and her legal expenses.

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